From hot to cold and why cold showers are better

This guy made me feel like a wimp. You can see him there taking an ice bath. I watched some of his videos on mental toughness. And that’s why I started taking cold showers.


I think this guy Mark Devine an ex-Navy Seal was the first one to give me the idea.

Then I started reading that some athletes and UFC fighters would take a cold bath or shower after a workout.

I figured I had some discipline, but cold showers just seemed impossible. Why would I want to do that? I like hot showers. They’re relaxing and comforting.

But the idea of mental toughness is appealing and goes along with another idea I have been exposed to lately in jiu-jitsu of being comfortable in an uncomfortable position. Like just trying to relax and be patient when you are in a bad position. To not freak out and panic.

Just relax you’ve been here before, you can get out.

I guess it’s the same with showers. It’s cold, it’s uncomfortable, but it’s temporary just relax, you’ll get used to it and then you can get out.

Here are some benefits of taking cold showers:

  1. It increases alertness
  2. It’s good for your hair and skin
  3. Helps circulation
  4. Weight loss
  5. Decreases muscle soreness
  6. Decreases depression
  7. Decreases stress
  8. Increases testosterone in men

How I have been doing it

I just start as normal. I shower and wash and then when I am done I gradually turn the heat down until there isn’t any. And I enjoy??? the cold water for a couple of minutes.

I pulled a muscle in my back the other day and initially pointed the hot water on that spot for a while and then turned it to cold for a few minutes.

It definitely had an icing effect and the pain did go away for a while.

I’ll keep it up.