Brundage parks – Beat My Line

Here’s a video of me riding a bit in the Brundage terrain park in 2023. “Beat My Line” is my boss’s idea to see if we can bring together some shredder’s and share shred or something.

This is the first one of Brundage’s “Beat My line”

We tried it 3 times this one was probably my second best take. Funny how that can work your best take and something goes wrong with the camera. And the filming could probably be better, but it’s got to be tricky holding a camera (especially over or around those knuckles) and riding.

I did a frontside 360 melon grab off the first kicker, a backside 180 and then I hit the rainbow switch and slide a 180 over it.

Wanna share your line?

So if you have a line through the bear or jammer park you want to shoot and submit go for it! It doesn’t have to be this same one we did.

If you want to hit rails boxes or jumps it’s up to you.

You can then submit it to Brundage on Youtube or something.

I will try to beat my own line next time, haha.