Thirtytwo TM-3 snowboard boot review

This is a review of the Thirtytwo snowboard boot TM 3 model. Push play on the video to learn more.

It’s a pricey boot. My previous boots were old Burton Driver boots and these ones sounded good so I went with these.

They are rated a 4-6 boot in stiffness. And I thought they felt super stiff when I first rode them. In fact I only rode them for 2 days.

Why only 2 days?

Because they expanded a bit and started to feel loose. So I got the shorter size. Last boots were a 9.5 and these were a 9, but actually I got the 8.5.

Watch the video for more details.


  • Recoil flex control
  • True half sizes
  • Performance Rubber Outsole
  • Performance backstay
  • 3D Molded Tongue
  • Elite Internal Harness
  • Tongue Tension
  • Articulated Cuff …
  • 100% Heat Moldable
  • High Rebound Cushioning
  • Alleviates Internal Lace Bite
  • Breathable Shell
  • Interchangeable Arch (see below for more)
  • Customizable Fit
  • Adjustable Support

Pros and cons

  • Pro-customizable
  • Pro-seem fairly durable (update: I rode these over 200 days)
  • Pro-stiffness is good and customizable
  • Pro-responsive
  • Con-heavy
  • Con-bulky (not a low profile boot)
  • Con-pricey

Probably fits normal to thicker ankles and feet better

If you have skinny ankles and calves you might not want this liner or boot. Here’s why…

  1. The eyelets around the ankle have frayed on my boots because I am pulling them to the max so they are touching and getting stretched.
  2. The liner and the velcro at the top is maxxed out on one foot so it’s not sticking to anything
  3. Despite my toes being slammed into the front there is excess space around the foot in places.

…Update 2023 on the TM-3 and why I won’t buy it again

So at this point I’ve put around 200+ days ( 2 full seasons) on them and I can say that they have held up well. The eyelets around the ankle blew out, but I was able to use the inner metal loop as an eyelet.

But I wouldn’t buy these again.

Over the last two seasons I’ve had foot pain, bruised and black toes, bunions and some ingrown toe nails. The 9 was too big and the 8.5 is incredibly toe jammed yet still had excess space around the foot especially above the forefoot. I have skinny ankles/calves and one boot liner I couldn’t tighten enough with the velcro on the top of the Elite liner.

If you have thicker/ankles feet then these might fit you better.

Learn more about the TM-3 on

Currently I am considering a TM-2. That’s got a different liner and is more popular and cheaper than the TM-3.

Thirtytwo TM2 vs TM3

I’ve tried on the TM2’s and both of my best riding buddies in the last two seasons at Lookout Pass and Brundage rocked TM2’s.

There are a few different versions of the TM2. Last year my friend said he tried on the TM3’s and thought they were stiffer than the TM2’s so he stuck with the TM2’s.

They felt pretty stiff at first especially with those plastic stiffeners in. I took one run with those in when I first got them and pulled them right out. But I think with time they break in and they actually felt less stiff than the Ride Fuse.

My other friend thought the same about the TM2’s when he first got them. He said they were too stiff at first.

The TM3’s have the Elite liner and the TM2’s have the Performance liner. The Elite liner has a rubbery exterior which isn’t going to break down like a normal liner. Some say it’s not as heat moldable as the Performance liner. So it’s bit stiffer and lasts longer but it’s probably not going to mold as well.

One thing I didn’t like about the TM2’s though is that they have less rubber in the sole in fact I think a few models have no rubber just cheap EVA stuff.

Learn more about the TM-2 and the TM3 on Evo or Amazon.

Or the Ride fuse.

Union Force vs. Strata snowboard binding review

So I was obsessed with researching bindings and was primarily focused on getting the Strata, but then I saw the 5 pack Force binding and it caught my eye.

I decided to buy both the red 2022 Union Strata and the 2021 limited edition “5 pack” Union Force binding. Ohh and before I get into it I will mention changes for 2024 and there will be links on the bottom of the page for more info on those.

Union Force snowboard binding review (vs. the Strata)

This is a review of the Union Force snowboard binding compared to the Strata. This is actually a limited edition “5 pack” model from 2021.

Of course you must be wondering…

How does this 2021 model compare to the 2024?

It depends on the model.

In 2024 there are two options for the Force.

  1. The Force in 2024 has a redesign that does away with the classic Force highback look. The ankle straps have been updated to the Exoframe 6.0 padded Ankle Strap. And the toe strap to the TS 5.0 Rhombus Toe Strap.
  2. The Force classic 2024 is very similar to the 2021. The only difference I see isthat the ExoFrame 4.0 Ankle Strap and the 2.0 Rhombus toe strap have a slightly different look.

2022-2024 Union Strata snowboard binding review

This is a review of the 2022 Union Strata snowboard binding. I rode this binding first.

The 2022 model did not appear to be any different from the 2021. The only visible difference I could see was that the word “Strata” was not on the highback.

The 2024 Strata also does not appear any different than the 2022 except for a different color way (black, royal blue, red, and white). The black one looks cool and I really like the shape of the Strata highback.

The straps, highback (no holes in 2024), baseplate and buckles appear to be the same as 2022.

The one I got in the video above was the team highback.

What did I think?

I tried the Strata first. And it was definitely different feeling at first and a bit painful underfoot. Perhaps it was the mini-disk or my boots or whatever. It did feel more loose.

The footbed is wider and there was some extra space between my boot and the interior sides of the binding.

The Force was tighter fitting meaning my boot cinched up tighter on the sides.

The Strata feels a little lower to the board and little more flexy. The Force feels a little more stiff underfoot (standard baseplate?) and more responsive.

It’s a little more powerful and aggressive feeling to me.

The Strata looser. More casual. More barefoot feeling.

What I didn’t like

  1. One of the toe straps on the Force (despite being the same on the Strata) would slip off occasionally and had a funny sort of warp to it. A random imperfection.
  2. They are painted bindings and that stuff chips and scratches off easily. But perhaps most metal bindings are like that.
  3. The extra space in the Strata (the footbed is wide).

The Strata’s a little less adjustable. There is no adjustable toe ramp and the heel area is less adjustable. The Force is more adjustable.

If you like lots of forward lean then the Strata has less cause you can only adjust it so far (3 settings I believe), but it’s more of a “freestyle” focused binding as they say so many may not want much.

And the Strata forward lean adjustment isn’t as easy to adjust but most people don’t fiddle with that much so it doesn’t really matter.

The Force is more of an all mountain binding. But whatever binding you get you can ride it anywhere, don’t feel too limited by the labels.

I suspect the Strata would feel better for jibs, but I personally don’t jib much.

As far as shock absorption goes I think they are both good. The Force has a thicker softer area underfoot. The Strata’s isn’t as high and the material is more rubbery.

Holy highbacks?!

Both bindings are available with holy highbacks;-) if you like them – I don’t. But the holy highbacks were discontinued with the Strata in 2023.

According to one of the Union reps I was emailing the highbacks with holes are  a “tad bit softer”.

The Strata highback doesn’t really have any padding whereas the Force has a lot.

The Strata is a bit more minimalist. I like the asym shape though.

Other snowboard bindings I was thinking about

Other bindings I was considering/comparing were several Salomon shadow fit bindings and the Bent Metal Transfer. In the end I went with these two. Salomon’s kind of looked cool, I was tempted to try out their shadow fit, but being a ski company kind of turned me off a little;-).

The Bent Metals are cool. I like Mervin’s stuff (currently ride a Lib board (Banana Magic), but I went with the Union’s. Maybe they felt a little heavier to me or liked the design of Union’s better.

Older bindings I had were old Burton Missions. I’ve had a few Burton bindings and wanted to try something new.

Learn more about the 2024 Union Force and Strata on or Amazon

On Amazon:

Update. One of my ankle connectors on my Force bindings began to crack so I contacted Union and they sent me a new one in like a week!

“…So, if you break, or even crack your baseplate or heelcup during riding, we’ll replace it for life. Guaranteed.” – Union bindings