Giro Emerge helmet review

This is a review of the Giro Emerge helmet. Here is a video I made about it.

I stopped snowboarding for a long time like 15+ years or so and then started again last season. One thing that changed in all that time is that way more people wear helmets.

I actually wore a helmet for a little while back in the late 90’s after a head injury, but it just kind of annoyed me and very few people wore them then. This one is not so annoying and if you wear it everyday it just becomes a habit..

If you catch your heel edge a couple of times you might consider getting a helmet too. I had a couple good ones where I was practicing switch backside 180’s and caught my heel edge which means your head is going to slam into the snow.

So then I started to borrow helmets from my work at Cannon until I bought this one.

The helmet…

Works fine. It’s a MIPS helmet…

What does that mean?

MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. Called a slip plane, the interior layer, frequently yellow, allows for 10-15 mm of rotational movement between the head and the helmet in the critical 10-15 milliseconds after an oblique impact. This reduces the rotational forces exerted on the brain during impact and, presumably, reduces brain injury relative to the same helmet without MIPS. – source

I didn’t notice at first but there is a layer in there that will move.

It works fine for me. Is slightly larger than needed but I tightened it up wearing a bavaclava (also adds warmth) and added some sticky foam pieces on the inside.

My head is kind of skinny so looks a little big on me. It’s not quite as low volume as I’d prefer, but the chin strap is better than the Bern helmet I used to use and you can take off the ear pieces if you want.

They have many different colors that you can choose from.

Learn more about the Giro Emerge helmet here (and read more reviews too).