Why you are fat or overweight

The most likely explanation for you being overweight or fat is your habits. If you change your habits you can change your body. So what do you mean by habits?

  1. Diet – your eating habits
  2. Activity – your activity habits

The first reason why you are overweight is most likely because of what you are eating. Roughly 2/3 of Americans are overweight. You are likely addicted to sugar, salt and/or fat. You are also likely eating processed foods not found in nature.

The second reason why you are overweight is most likely your lack of activity. You’re likely lazy, possibly watch to much TV and/or just don’t move enough.

The simplest way to get in shape is to change your habits. Your habits have conditioned you. You are a human and humans like other animals must eat things that come from nature. You must eat whole foods that are found in nature. As a human you are designed to move so then you must move. You must be active.