Porn is not bad…

I am not religious and I don’t think that porn is morally wrong. I am not a feminist and nor do I think that their argument is worth much. There is a plethora of porn out there for different tastes. It’s not all the same.

The problem with porn is that it is highly addictive. For more on this check out Your Brain on Porn.

What’s the difference between your iPhone and your religion?

Not have an iPhone? Then what’s your favorite smart phone? Better yet what’s the difference between your favorite brand of ______ and your religion?

Are you passionate about Honda, Porsche, Hummer’s, or Ferrari? What’s your favorite brand of computers? Let’s get more specific and let’s ask our brain.

According to your brain there is no difference between brands (your favorite brand) and your religion. This is based on MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) tests. Studies showed that the brain doesn’t distinguish between our favorite brands and religion. Martin Lindstrom teamed up with neuroscientists to compare the brains activity of devout Christians and brand fans. There was no difference.

Read more about this in Martin Lindstrom’s Buyology


Religion is for the Masses and the Sheep

Are you a master of your environment? Or has your environment mastered you? Are you an independent person capable of making his/her own decisions? Or are you a follower?

Chances are that you didn’t choose what you believe in. Chances are that your environment chose it for you. Chances are that you have been coerced and brainwashed without you knowing so.

If you are from Indiana, USA there is about a 60% chance that you are a Christian. If you are from Indonesia there is a 87% chance that you are Muslim. Come from Utah, USA? Then there is a 62% chance that you are a Mormon. Do you come from India? Then there is an 80% chance that you are Hindu. Chances are that if you are from Saudi Arabia that you are a Muslim and actually there is little chance that you are anything else.

So if we look at the above percentages on the global scale is there one religion? Doesn’t look like it to me. If there are many religions then is there just one truth? So before you say whatever your religious truth is – think on the global scale. So who is right? The Christian and his belief? The Muslim? The Hindu? The Mormon? The Buddhist?