The Adsense Reality

Wondering how much money you can make with Adsense? I was there at one time and I can’t tell you how much you will make, but I can tell you my experience with it.

From my point of view

You need a lot of traffic. Actually let me rephrase that. You need gobs and gobs of traffic. I use Adsense on another site and the biggest month that I have had yet is $90.00. As of recent months (last 4) I tend to make anywhere from $60-90.00 a month.

In the last four months I had around 2000 unique visitors on average. So for me I’d estimate that to make a few thousand dollars a month I’d have to get around 30-50,000 unique visitors a month.

Some ads do better than others, but from what I have read I have a fairly average CTR.

So it’s definitely not easy to make money with Adsense. You need a lot of traffic.

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