I am Ian. I have done a good deal of traveling, not as much as some people, but I have been to about 20 countries, lived in 3, well actually 4 or rather 3.5 if I am counting the USA and if we’re calling Taiwan a country (that’s debatable in some parts of Taiwan). In the USA I have lived in 7 States in the west and east.

Sometimes I go out into the streets, beatbox, tell some stories, mime…

But I haven’t done much lately so, evolving…
My new costume

Other than that..

  • There’s my website ESLinsider. That’s about my experience teaching in Asia and for people who want to do the same or even teach abroad elsewhere.
  • I am very excited about jiu-jitsu and judo.
        • I like scratching records.
        • I practice yoga and meditation daily.
        • I like to read and learn about things.
        • In a former life I was a painter and you can check out some of my paintings here.
        • Personality tests said I am a ISTP. If you like personality tests I’d recommend Jordan Peterson’s Big 5 test. It cost like $8, but it’s more detailed and personalized than others.


  • List of shows (painting)
  • 2D work

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