3 months of Jiu Jitsu

I got hurt about three weeks ago. I hurt my knee, so I haven’t been going. I’ll be taking a month off as well. I didn’t see a doctor, but I am guessing I tore my meniscus. I am thinking it is a minor tear as I am slowly feeling better. Small tears usually heal fine without surgery. So we are resting and out of the jiu jitsu game for now.

It’s hard to see your progress as I was continually sparring with people with far more experience. I did get a chance to see my progress though when I sparred with someone with less experience. I remember there was this big dude who was new that was around 6 feet or so and weighed probably fifty more pounds than me.

I was able to submit him with an arm bar one time, not get submitted myself and generally dominate the rest of the match. So I guess it’s true what they say about it that the more skilled (and in this case weaker) can dominate the lesser skilled (and stronger).

Other progress has been I got my first triangle choke submission on someone. Other than that I have been getting pretty beat up, so this break will be good and when I go back I am going to approach it differently.

I had been getting too many injuries and some things didn’t heal and just got re-injured, so I have got to step back. I figure it is limiting me, so then I should limit it. My idea is that I am going to continue going 3 or 4 days a week, but not spar every class. Perhaps just spar one day a week or only when I am comfortable with it and then just do the technique the other times.

But that’s starting next month in March if my knee is better. Right now we are icing it still and starting to get more mobility back.