Chances are you won’t, but here’s how to change

The chances are 9 to 1 that you won’t change. The book Change or Die covers three main examples on how people and companies changed including health, business and prison punishment.

Here’s the formula on how to change.

  1. Relate. Find a teacher. Someone who will inspire you.
  2. Repeat. Learn and practice the new skill.
  3. Reframe. The new teacher helps you to think differently about your situation.

Even when their life is on the line most people will not change. Doctors orders and a threat of death will only temporarily cause people to change, but then they are soon back to their old habits of overeating and no exercise.

Most criminals and addicts also will not change, but this book tells us about one successful program in San Francisco that effectively prepares ex-criminals for the real world.

From Change or Die by Alan Deutschman