Why nearly all women are prostitutes

I am not even sure there is a “nearly,” but perhaps I am saving room for the exceptions. But here’s the rule.

Prostitutes exchange money for sex. Whether it’s $15 or $500 they receive money or in some cases drugs for sex. But you’re probably wondering how other women can be considered prostitutes?

Well, this isn’t a secret or an opinion. Women are attracted to money.

Statistics* from online dating sites show that women choose men based on their income. The more money he has the more attractive he is.

My real world statistics show me the same data. Most of the women I meet care about money. No women is going to sleep in a cardboard box with a man because she is in love. So what’s the difference between the prostitute and your average woman?

On the surface the difference is the number of partners a prostitute has. The average women has one and that’s enough, but if it’s not she’ll look for a new one. That’s just on the surface, but if we look a little deeper…

A prostitute has a job and is getting paid by the hour or project perhaps. Your average woman doesn’t want a job, she wants to sign a contract and commit to a career. She is earning or perhaps seeking a passive income source with benefits – such as a house, car, and other amenities generated by her partner. Now you tell me what’s the difference?

Many feminists think that men forced prostitution upon women. That may be true in some cases, but in many cases women choose prostitution and in some cases they like it. In the early 1900’s in the USA many brothels were run by women, not men.

And according to one study, prostitutes in Chicago working under male pimps made slightly more money, had less violent encounters, and got arrested less often than did prostitutes working alone.

*For more info on these statistics check out Freakonomics.

Or here is another study.

Your brain can’t multitask

Your brain is made to focus on one thing at a time. Technology can multitask, but your brain cannot. For example, talking on your cellphone while driving causes your sight to narrow considerably. It even continues well after you have stopped talking.

“Scientists now know that the brain is incapable of paying attention to two things at the same time. What looks like multitasking is really switching back and forth between multiple tasks which reduces productivity and increases mistakes by up to 50%.” – Ifor Got

Stop watching the news

The news is mainly bad news. The news is only a fraction of what is really going on in the world. Not only is it a fraction it is often skewed in the form of entertainment that plays on your fears.

“I tell people that if it’s in the news, don’t worry about it. The very definition of ‘news’ is something that hardly ever happens.” – security expert Bruce Schneier, from The Unthinkable

The Adsense Reality

Wondering how much money you can make with Adsense? I was there at one time and I can’t tell you how much you will make, but I can tell you my experience with it.

From my point of view

You need a lot of traffic. Actually let me rephrase that. You need gobs and gobs of traffic. I use Adsense on another site and the biggest month that I have had yet is $90.00. As of recent months (last 4) I tend to make anywhere from $60-90.00 a month.

In the last four months I had around 2000 unique visitors on average. So for me I’d estimate that to make a few thousand dollars a month I’d have to get around 30-50,000 unique visitors a month.

Some ads do better than others, but from what I have read I have a fairly average CTR.

So it’s definitely not easy to make money with Adsense. You need a lot of traffic.

Why you are fat or overweight

The most likely explanation for you being overweight or fat is your habits. If you change your habits you can change your body. So what do you mean by habits?

  1. Diet – your eating habits
  2. Activity – your activity habits

The first reason why you are overweight is most likely because of what you are eating. Roughly 2/3 of Americans are overweight. You are likely addicted to sugar, salt and/or fat. You are also likely eating processed foods not found in nature.

The second reason why you are overweight is most likely your lack of activity. You’re likely lazy, possibly watch to much TV and/or just don’t move enough.

The simplest way to get in shape is to change your habits. Your habits have conditioned you. You are a human and humans like other animals must eat things that come from nature. You must eat whole foods that are found in nature. As a human you are designed to move so then you must move. You must be active.

Porn is not bad…

I am not religious and I don’t think that porn is morally wrong. I am not a feminist and nor do I think that their argument is worth much. There is a plethora of porn out there for different tastes. It’s not all the same.

The problem with porn is that it is highly addictive. For more on this check out Your Brain on Porn.