Discover something

I think that’s what I want. To discover something. Discover something on my own.

For example…

I’ve been looking at these maps for snowfall in Nh and Vt and I think I want to find somewhere new something untouched something unknown.

They say Jay peak has the most snow and that’s cool I went there once 20 years ago or so. It was early season, icy and there was not much snow. Like they say it probably does have the most snow around here as far as anyone knows.

But for some reason I am not drawn there.

Everyone knows it.

Then the other night some high school friends and I were talking about places nearby where we could move, but the places they mentioned didn’t inspire me or sound so interesting. I think…

I want to discover something on my own.

Why is that?

IDK, but I think there is some unique place there in the hidden dark. Some unique thing, interest, talent, place and maybe even person.

Maybe not.

Maybe it’s just a search and what you learn along the way.

Like they say it’s not the journey it’s the….

No it’s not the destination it’s the…

That’s right.

Where to live?

What to do?

What to focus on?

What to stop focusing on?

What do I want to stop doing?