Do a 30 day challenge

A few months ago my thirty day challenge was to do a blog post every day for a month on my other blog. A month or so ago I did a drawing a day for thirty days. I accomplished those things. There was a few days when I didn’t feel like it, but I did and succeeded in reaching my goal. For the next month my challenge is going to be that I am not going to look at the statistical data for Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Adsense.

I think it’s kinda of a waste to keep checking on these things. I think time could be better spent doing other things. So on March 5th I’ll check the data on those sites, but I shouldn’t expect much to have changed. And if it did, great, but if it didn’t then I shouldn’t be surprised. I figure my main purpose for doing web stuff shouldn’t be to see how much traffic is going up or how much money I am making from Ads.

For you, your 30 day challenge could be anything like: learn 5 Chinese words a day, ride a bike to work everyday, eat vegan, etc.