Why nearly all women are prostitutes

I am not even sure there is a “nearly,” but perhaps I am saving room for the exceptions. But here’s the rule.

Prostitutes exchange money for sex. Whether it’s $15 or $500 they receive money or in some cases drugs for sex. But you’re probably wondering how other women can be considered prostitutes?

Well, this isn’t a secret or an opinion. Women are attracted to money.

Statistics* from online dating sites show that women choose men based on their income. The more money he has the more attractive he is.

My real world statistics show me the same data. Most of the women I meet care about money. No women is going to sleep in a cardboard box with a man because she is in love. So what’s the difference between the prostitute and your average woman?

On the surface the difference is the number of partners a prostitute has. The average women has one and that’s enough, but if it’s not she’ll look for a new one. That’s just on the surface, but if we look a little deeper…

A prostitute has a job and is getting paid by the hour or project perhaps. Your average woman doesn’t want a job, she wants to sign a contract and commit to a career. She is earning or perhaps seeking a passive income source with benefits – such as a house, car, and other amenities generated by her partner. Now you tell me what’s the difference?

Many feminists think that men forced prostitution upon women. That may be true in some cases, but in many cases women choose prostitution and in some cases they like it. In the early 1900’s in the USA many brothels were run by women, not men.

And according to one study, prostitutes in Chicago working under male pimps made slightly more money, had less violent encounters, and got arrested less often than did prostitutes working alone.

*For more info on these statistics check out Freakonomics.

Or here is another study.

3 thoughts on “Why nearly all women are prostitutes”

  1. You have mentioned that there is no reasoning in it. When actually it is based on real data. Did you see the link?

    “Your generalized statement of all women being prostitutes…” What’s the name of the title? Sure there may always be exceptions. But it’s not a post about exceptions and anomalies.

    Young women are more likely to experiment, so I am sure that there are some younger women out there that would argue with that. But give them 5, 10, 15 years and I am sure that their mentality will change.

    Did you get the humor in the part about the “job” and “passive income”? I was likening the prostitute to having a job and your average woman to having a career earning passive income through her man.

    And as far as the musician thing goes, yes, women are attracted to status too.

    1. Yes women are more likely to “change mentality” after 5-10-15 years because they have nothing more to sell. I’ve witnessed it many times. Women are more likely to “settle down” after they’ve had more kids than they can afford, and their looks begin to slip. Whether all women are essentially prostitutes? I didn’t think anyone ever debated that.

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