Who is more superficial men or women?

It’s true that a women’s physical appearance is what attracts a man. I mean look at how much money women spend on improving their appearances. Women intuitively know that. Women with lower waist to hip ratios (hourglass figures) are considered more sexually attractive to men of all cultures. Biologically speaking women with smaller waists and larger hips tend to be more fertile. Men know this intuitively.

Unlike what many women think men are not attracted to skinny emaciated looking women. They are attracted to the hour glass figure. It’s pretty clear that a man is clearly attracted to a woman by her looks and body, but what about women? Are they superficial?

Women are obviously attracted to money and wealth. Aside from money they are also attracted to a man’s status, how many friends he has and his extended self. They are attracted to what a man has created for himself. But are they actually attracted to the man himself?

I don’t think so. There’s biological reasons why a women is attracted to money and there are biological reasons why men are attracted to curvy women. For the women more money equals more resources and better care for her offspring. For the man a sexy women means healthier children and more of them.

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