My 1 week caffeine fast

Today I start my 1 week caffeine fast. I slept great last night about 11 hours after about 3 days of sleeping 5 hours a night that was due to my recent 5 day fast.

But I had some caffeine yesterday in the form of tea and a bite of cacao.

Still recovering from that fast, but anyways. I want to see what a week of no caffeine is like and I will not drink green tea or eat cacao for a week until the 26th.

Then I’ll come back and update this.

Awww, no green tea :-/.

Okay I am on day 4 now.

  1. Day 1 I felt a little less energy and a bit more moody.
  2. Day 2 I felt a lot less energy, very foggy and hungry.
  3. Day 3 was better.
  4. Day 4 is in progress.

Overall I have been sleeping better though.

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