How to stop cold sores

Ever get cold sores (herpes simplex 1)? Have one now? Wanna learn how you can stop them from taking over your mouth? Here is a remedy and you most likely need not go beyond your kitchen to get it.

When I was a kid I would always get them. I got them quite frequently. As I got older I got them less and less. And now a days I get maybe one or two a year, but they don’t get all big and gnarly. I think the main thing is that now that I am older I have developed better habits. I eat good food, exercise and meditate. So maintaining healthy habits and keeping away from stress will help.

When I was young I would try everything in the book to stop them. I would try taking large amounts of vitamin C, zinc and lysine. But that didn’t work. I would apply alcohol and peroxide, but that didn’t work. I would try piercing the little blisters with a needle and then applying peroxide. That didn’t help. I also tried applying Chinese medicines.

Use salt.┬áThis is how you do it. You simply need to keep salt on it. As soon as you feel one coming you need to apply salt. And you need to keep it on it always until it’s gone. The salt will dry it up and salt is a natural anti bacterial agent.