Torn Meniscus? Here’s What You Can Do To Heal It. (What I am doing)

Have a torn meniscus? So what can you do? I just tore mine about a month ago for the second time so I have been doing a lot of research and in this post I’ll share with you some of the things I have learned.


I tore mine in judo/bjj two times or so…

Mentioned in the video:

  1. Surgery (partial men. or stitch)
  2. PRP
  3. Wait
  4. Some other lesser known options below

I think there is risk to doing everything including nothing, but probably less risk if you wait for some time like a month before giving anything a go.

I have been close to signing up for a surgery, but IDK.

1. SURGERY (stitch it or cut some out)

Don’t do partial meniscectomy. I read very little good about this. Some people can quickly return to sport and feel fine, but chance of early onset arthritis years later is high.

If you cut it out even a little you alter the biomechanics of the knee. And one source said even as little as 10% increases risk of OA. You’ll have less cartilage.

Plenty of surgeons do this. There seems to be a shift towards stitches and repair. That sounds better. But still not without risk.

I read that in one study there is still a chance of 25% of failure or second op. I saw two surgeons here in Fukuoka. One said he would go in and try to stitch but if condition is bad cut out. I didn’t like that.

Saw a second one and he seemed against partial men and for stitch. But repair is like 5 months out and like 6 weeks on crutches. Both said PRP was like 2nd best.

2. PRP (inject your own blood into the knee)

I would try this first before any surgery. Price is high here at $1000. I’ve been looking at trying a DIY PRP and I will let you know about that. Need to get needles which is hard here in Japan as they don’t sell those.

I’ve got some good plans and I’ve been Youtubing like a mofo…

PRP makes sense cause think about it. If you do your research you’ll read that only 1/3 of it gets blood so the other part can’t heal.

HOWEVER, I think your synovial fluid has some white blood cells in it.

Maybe not much but some. 2nd why the f*ck don’t they just inject blood into the knee?

Yeah, PRP, but just blood would work too. I don’t get that. This is medicine or education or government these institutions are slow moving and slow to change despite evidence…

3. WAIT (stay off it and let your body try to heal it without surgery)

When it hurts you don’t want to wait, but chances are it will get better… if you wait. If you go back too soon you will make it worse and then you are going backwards.

First tear in 2015 I stopped bjj/judo for 2 months. It healed about 90% it’s original… Then starting about 9 months ago (2019) I think I might have torn it again (see the link below to see how these tears happened).

Then there was a slow downward fall with it getting worse with occasional popping and a little pain probably cause I didn’t stop and let it heal. Then one night POP, POP, POP trying a reverse triangle choke. MRI said medial (radial maybe inside back) part of meniscus tear.

The same spot as the first. Hmm. So perhaps that spot was weakened from the first or it didn’t completely heal the first time or I just re-tore it again in the same spot.

I think it probably didn’t completely heal.


  1. Fast because it boosts stem cells (24 hours or more). Then eat real healthy.
  2. Drink lots of green tea (especially matcha) because stem cells… so they say. It’s what I drink when I fast. I drink it everyday and it’s probably not a big game changer, but…
  3. Eat lots of spirulina (peptides + amino acids and this is an overlooked superfood if you ask me) also stem cells so they say. And good for your bones and cartilage is close to your bones. I’ve been taking like a small handful of tablets a day recently. If I had to chose 2 survival foods it would be spirulina and sweet potatoes. Also chlorella has some growth factor in it CGF which may help.
  4. You can try collagen peptides too.
  5. Colostrum or raw milk includes some hormones and aminos that may help to.


You can do some basic leg lifts to the front, side and back. A lot of reps and work your muscles without stressing your knees.

Do this exercise as it helps lubricate the knees and helps transport nutrients in the knee. I did this daily for a year after I tore my meniscus the 1st time. And just got a reminder to do it again.

How does the meniscus get its nutrition?

So I looked at a few papers. And what I gathered is that it gets it from synovial fluid, possibly the underlying bone and peripheral part that gets blood flow.

And I read one source that says there are blood cells in synovial fluid and another that said only minimal blood cells.

The transport of solute from the joint cavity into the cartilage can take place by two mechanisms:
(1) pure diffusion due to solute concentration gradient and (2) by mechanical pumping action. Source


…vascular recession does not significantly alter nutrient levels in the meniscus, reducing at most 5% of the nutrient content in the central portion of the tissue. Therefore, our analysis suggests that reduced vascularity is not likely a primary initiating source in tissue degeneration. However, it does feasibly play a key role in inability for self-repair, as seen clinically. Source


So that suggests that even though there is no blood flow the synovial fluid does contain nutrients although lower in number.

Also… I am looking into…

Other injections…

BPC 157 (peptide)

This sounds pretty good actually. I would look it up. It’s in your stomach originally the say, but is made in a lab. I read quite a few favorable stories about this and cartilage repair.

I think it’s not quite legal and not quite illegal. Best way sounds like injection at site similar to PRP. I am waiting for this in the mail.

More on peptides.


  • TB500 is supposed to work similarly to BPC.
  • Ipamorelin is a growth hormone secretagogue. It stimulates your pituitary gland to secret more growth hormone which may help heal cartilage injuries.
  • AOD-9604.
  • Pentosan is not a peptide, but also sounds like it may help. I think studies show it’s beneficial for arthritis.


Read Kareem Abdul jabeer regrew part of his meniscus that was mostly gone. Probably won’t mess with this one. Read it was pricey and has side effects. See the peptides above.

But you can look it up.


Read some about injecting this at injury site.


It’s like a saline injection that causes inflammation and then maybe healing. Not sure about it. Haven’t read much about this, but one doc was talking about combining it with testosterone and another with PRP.


It effin hurts.

It feels a bit like a big cut and bruise in your knee. Some people get catching and locking. Recently when I re-injured it I got some catching I think in certain positions.

Often on the ground and in newaza and BJJ sometimes. I would feel something hitting or snapping in there. It didn’t ever lock and I don’t want to push it there.

So we are chilling out until 100%. I hope I can get back to 100%.

Two tears…

I am one month in and it doesn’t feel that much better than a month ago.


I want to do the PRP and BPC 157.

I wouldn’t rush and I wouldn’t do any partial menis. or would probably only do a surgery if you can’t move your leg or it’s locked, but look for one that will stitch it and make sure you clear that with your doctor.

You don’t want to wake up without a meniscus.

It’s up to you.


If you got bank you could try these. But I think they are pretty pricey like maybe $5000 or so. IDK. Way more than PRP. If you tried leave a comment.

In the BJJ forum here I got some advice. And some of these guys have had many injuries and surgeries.

Are you a grappler?

Both tears happened with big fat careless f*&@! (YES, I AM BITTER ABOUT IT) who tried jumping moves:

  1. Jumping guard
  2. Kani basami (scissors throw)

Both have a history of knee injuries. Very dangerous and stupid to do. Now illegal in judo for that reason.

You can see that post and video here (with gnarly footage).

Don’t experiment on your partner.

Do you want someone to try their flying moves on you?

If you are big then effin respect the difference.


Big or small.

Get out of your head.

Play the game, but play smart.


First meniscus tear.

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