Peptides may add 20-30 years to your life & Heal your injuries

Recently I have been studying and learning about peptides. It all started from a injury to my knee in judo/bjj. I tore my meniscus and in a previous post I was talking about my options and one of them I mentioned called BPC 157.

I’ve read a lot about it recently and it sounds really cool and maybe even better than PRP.

It’s orally active although you have to take maybe 2x the amount than if you inject it. Some of the other peptides can only be injected.

Very few side effects from most peptides…

For most of them you can’t overdose.

TB500 and BPC 157…

“The more you take the more it’s going to work” says, Jean Francois Tremblay below…

It accelerates the healing process of many things, but they are not so sure how.

Really good for the gut and…


Apparently they made some mice paraplegic and then gave them BPC and they started to regain some movement.


Although some people say it doesn’t work for them.

I imagine it depends on many factors like: the quality of BPC, where you inject, injury type, etc.

But from what I’ve learned it didn’t work because they didn’t take enough or they may have gotten poorer quality peptides.

Here are some links to BPC 157 and cartilage repair (both rat studies and human experiences)

There was one with rabbits too.

If you have damaged cartilage…

These articles might interest you.

  1. (cartilage repair)
  5.  (“I have stacked BPC157 and TB500 off and on for a long time with great results. Great for tendons and cartilages…”)

Peptides may add 20-30 years to your life…

I’ve been watching and listening to this guy from Montreal today. Here’s the first video I watched.

Although the add 20-30 years to your life might have been from the podcast…

An interesting podcast:

Peptides and anti-aging and injury

And also in the video below.

The two peptides that might help you live longer:

  1. Epitalon (lengthens your telemeres)
  2. Thymulin

The first one he mentions more…

Epitalon. Astralagus root is also supposed to lengthen telemeres (basically your life span). In SF I would sometimes get that and make a tea.

Sounds like I need to get more or try this stuff.

I thought the recommended dosing for these peptides was kinda interesting…

Epithalon and thymalin 5mg for 20 days (twice in a year) improves a lot of systems in the body including bone density, but he says you got to inject it.

Twice a year for 20 days at a time. He does say there are different protocols, but that is what he does.

Interesting these peptides are unlike a supplement. You can take them for short periods of time and get lasting results.


The BPC sounds similar in that you could take daily maybe even 2 times a day from anywhere 2 weeks to a month and expect results.

In the beginning of this video he explains what a peptide is.

And also says that even if you don’t live 20-30 years longer you’ll improve the quality of your life here and now.

He mentions in the video that he had some sort of genetic defect with his heart and had to get some sort open heart surgery and then took the BPC and then was back at work within a week.

Why do all of these peptide sites look the same?

If you start looking at these peptide sites you’ll notice they all look the same. Why is that?

They all have the same 5mg little bottle and the same looking website.

A few reasons…

One is that they may actually be getting them from the same place in China and then slapping a slightly different label on them. According to the videos here 95-99% of peptides are coming from China.

The other reason is that people copy. I see it all the time in the TEFL course industry. Everyone looks the same. Trickle down copycats.

OHH! I almost forgot this interesting fact

He mentioned that many of these peptides are found in the body or in animals bodies such as organs. And that’s why perhaps some people would feel good after eating things like hearts and stuff.

Not into eating organs or flesh (not that hungry), but I’ve been eating a lot of spirulina lately. Spirulina also has some peptides in it too. Not ones I know anything about though.

Apparently there are like 7,000 peptides.

Been eating like 30-50 tablets a day recently. It’s a superfood: amino acids, 60-70% protein, vitamins, EPA, DHA, anti-inflammatory (the pigment), etc.

And chlorella is on the way. Has some cool growth factor in it called CGF.


  • Healiscus – A research backed in-depth online course on how to heal your knee