How to get in shape and stay in shape

Getting in shape is relatively easy, however it takes effort and a change of habits. Your habits have gotten you to where you are today. They also are most likely why your body is in the shape that it is in now.

There are many means of getting in shape and you don’t need a gym or a class to do it. You can do it for free. You can walk, hike, run, cycle, swim, do yoga, dance, lift weights, play sports, do martial arts or go to the gym. But you don’t need the gym or a class to do it. You need discipline. Some times you won’t feel like it, but I guarantee if you push through it that you feel much better about yourself than if you don’t.

Discipline can be learned. It’s not a skill that just a few people have. Believe it or not you learned how to get in the shape that you are in today. If you don’t like it then you can change it. You most likely got in the habit of brushing your teeth. How would you feel if you didn’t do that? Probably pretty gross. Like brushing your teeth you can get in the habit of getting into shape – exercising.

You need frequency. You should get some exercise everyday and you should do something more intense at least 2 days a week, but 3 or 4 is better. If you want to burn fat then you need to raise your heart rate. More often for a shorter period of time beats less often for a greater period of time.

Here’s an example of the exercise that I currently do. Everyday I walk, I do yoga (about 20 minutes) and meditate. 3 days a week I do pull ups, leg raises ( for my stomach), push-ups, some kicks and leg isometrics. All of that is free and I don’t currently go to a gym or take a class.

Staying in shape

The key to staying in shape is to find a balance. Many people fail to keep an exercise routine going because they go all out. If you don’t think you can keep it going then don’t start in the first place. Many will get themselves psyched up and they will go to the gym for four hours a day for a week and then quit and get discouraged cause they are not seeing results.

See and feel the results. Getting in shape makes you feel good. So when you start your program think about longevity. Can you keep this going for a long time? And how about your diet? Are you eating mostly whole foods? Are you getting enough sleep? Studies show that a lack of sleep can cause weight gain.

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