If you’re not in it for fun then you’re dumb

“If you don’t do this shit for fun, then you’re dumb
Too many people trying to be the freshest one…”
– from Bicasso’s rhyme

I heard this at a pretty good time. In one day two arrogant dudes asked me if they could use my mic. I said no. These dudes were all about stroking their ego’s cause they thought they could out beatbox me. You know what they probably could. But after some reflection I decided I didn’t care cause I am not in it to be the best one. I do it because I like to do it.

The thing with hip hop is people are always trying to outdo one another. But in the words of a student I had once, “Why does it always have to be about being the best?” Bicasso’s quote is about motives. Why get into something just to be great at it or to be the best?

I think the number one thing is to do something because you want to do it. If you just care about being number 1 then I think you care too much about what people think. Which reminds me of something Wayne Dyer said. He was paraphrasing someone else and he said that many of the greatest thinkers had one thing in common and that’s that they were independent of the good opinion of other people. They did what they did because they were connected to it.

It’s got to come from the inside.

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