If you happen to encounter a wild boar in the woods in Japan here is what you do

trail in japan
I saw big ugly mama boar down on the trail in front of me.

So I was about 20-30 minutes into a hike here in Fukuoka and having a good conversation with myself when I heard some noise in the woods.

I stopped, looked and listened.

Then below me on the hillside I saw something moving. Was it a squirrel? Was it some sort of muskrat? No, I suddenly saw it and it was a wild boar.

He was pretty small and brown, but there was more noise and then I saw another run along the hillside below me. And then I looked down the trail in the direction I was heading and there was a big ugly one there staring at me.

For a second I felt spooked then I put my hands up in the air. He barked and ran off down the side of the hill.

So what they say works with bears and other wild animals works with wild boars and I didn’t even have to use my judo or jiu-jitsu^^

Perhaps that’s another form of jiu-jitsu.

First time I saw them in person. I’ve seen their marks and spots where they dig up the forest. And I even saw a skull of theirs once.

I see cages sometimes where they try to trap them so they might be a nuisance in Japan.

There’s a picture of one here. I think the big one I saw had tusks.



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