Your Psychology on Time

According to Stanford professor Philip Zimbardo and John Boyd writers of the book The Time Paradox: The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life we all carry around a certain perspective on time that affects our psychology. It can help explain why we think the way we do, do what we do and how we act they way we do.

You can take their ZTPI test online to determine your own perspective on time. Some people are more living in the moment types, others make to do lists, some reminisce more about the past and so on. We all are a combination of different time perspectives. Take the test to find out yours.

This is what they envision as the best time perspective for those living in the west.

  • High in past-positive time perspective
  • Medium high in future time perspective
  • Medium high in present-hedonistic time perspective
  • Low in past-negative time perspective
  • Low in present-fatalistic time perspective

Find out what your psychology on time is with this test and/or read this book.

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