I had a super awesome day. This is what I did.

I got up did some yoga as usual. Turned on my turntables. Did a little scratching. Drank some water.

Then around 11am I rode my bike to the beach (Momochi beach). I did a walk down the beach as I thought it would be good for my feet and a good workout.

Then started my little workout with some leg ups and abdominal exercises then I hopped back on my bike and found a spot with some stones and started the leg part of my work out.

I did some lateral split squats, one legged balancing and box jumps or rather today I jumped up on these rocks. Then I peddled down a little further to the playground and did a bunch of pull ups.


Work out was done and it was super sunny.

Next I got some food and went home to cook.

This meal was inspired by…


It’s a supplement said to help proliferate stem cells and help neurogenesis in aged rats. Not an aged rat, but the study sounded convincing to me.

It includes blueberries, green tea, vitamin d3 and carnosine.

So I made a stirfry with mushrooms (D3), eggs (D3), chicken (carnosine), and cilantro.

Then I had some ground peanuts, cocoa, ground spirulina, a little stevia and blueberries.


That’s green tea.

It was fantastic.

Got some new ideas for my website and started on those and then more ideas on how to make a mask (not for the stupid coronavirus, but for fun) which I am going to start now!

Awesome, it was a great day.

I wonder why?

  • Was it the music and scratching?
  • Was it the beach and getting grounded by walking barefoot?
  • Was it the workout?
  • Was it the NT-020 inspired meal?
  • Was it the cocoa?
  • Was it the new idea?
  • Was it all the above?

I don’t know, but I am going to try something similar tomorrow (maybe without the cocoa^^).

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