Stop the violence

Have you ever wondered if the violence you see in the media effects people? Do you think the action videos that you watch influences you? Did you know that the USA is the most violent developed country in the world? Well, according to some scientific studies and research witnessing violence does make one more prone to acting violent.

Remember the last time you saw that MMA match or the last time you watched Jackie Chan? How did you feel? I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you wanted to go learn some new moves so you could kick some butt. According to one study children where shown a video of another child punching a teddy bear. After they saw it they were sent into a room and given a similar teddy bear. What do you think they did with it? As you might have guessed they mimicked the child in the video by punching and hitting the teddy bear.

Meanwhile another group of children were shown a different video of a child playing gently with a teddy bear. After they saw the video they were given a teddy bear and sent into a room.  And as you may suspect they mimicked the child in the video and played gently with the teddy bear.

“The evidence is now clear and convincing: Media violence is one of the causal factors of real-life violence and aggression.” – American Academy of Pediatrics

According to Freakonomics children who watch a lot of TV tend to engage in crime later in life. They didn’t say that it’s necessarily violent TV shows that are causing the violence though.

Do you think that it is only children who are influenced by violence? If your answer is yes then how would you feel or rather act if I started to insult you? If I or anyone else insulted you using cuss words. How would you feel or act? Alternatively how do you tend to act when someone treats you kindly? I think if someone treats us kindly we are more likely to be kind back. I also think that if someone insults me or disrespects me then I am more likely to respond in a similar manner.

I believe that we all model one another. We learn by models.

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